Overcoming Challenges of Small Water Systems

Check out this video from VCH which highlights the success of EHO Cindy Watson as she works with the purveyor of a small water system to successfully overcome challenges enabling them to deliver safe clean drinking water.

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This video is very significant to Drinking Water Officer Cindy Watson due to her history/involvement with the water system.  Cindy refers to the experience as a 10 year “ordeal” comprising of various enforcement actions including: Compliance and Hazard Abatement Orders, a Source to Tap Assessment Order, a review by the PHO office, compliance meetings etc.  It was a joint effort involving Health Protection, VCH lawyers, Public Health Engineers, and the Medical Health Officer.  It required many meetings and conversations with the purveyor’s lawyers,  Engineering and Hydrogeology Consultants and local and provincial government agency staff. Concurrent enforcement actions were being applied to a much larger existing water supply system located on the same parcel; it was our preference the two systems be joined and operated as one.

The file itself takes up an entire storage box containing multiple incomplete construction permitapplications and reviews,various legal and technical reports and documents, and numerous correspondence between the local Health Authority and their lawyers, Engineering and legal Consultants, and the water system owner/operator.  It was further complicated by the administrative issues around the land status(Land Use Contract) and the legal  relationship to the neighboring water system and property.  It took 4 lawyers [Watson, Cindy [SC]] approximately 2-3 years just to straighten out the issues arising around [Watson, Cindy [SC]] legal ownership of the water system [Watson, Cindy [SC]] and to determine the legal rights/ownership of the water sources.

 The purveyor argued for many years that the spring was ground water and did not require disinfection but has now “seen the light” as evidenced by the video


Link to Video

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