BC Branch
Bob Herbison Award


Geeti Bhat

The award is presented to any student member of the BC Branch who has completed level 5 or 6 of BCIT's Environmental Health Program, who, in the opinion of the Faculty of Environmental Health and approved by the BC Branch Executive, will demonstrate the ability to deal effectively with a variety of field situations with the high standard and characteristics as exhibited by Bob Herbison, such as maturity of attitude, involvement and participation in class activities, demonstrated leadership ability, integrity, interpersonal skills and effective communication with peers and faculty at BCIT.



2015 Geeti Bhat
2014 Lorelle Weiss
2013 Daisuke Serizawa
2012 Katrina Halkett
2011 Ann Chan
2010 David Hugh
2009 Amanda Anderson
2008 Emily Ho
2007 Erin Lehia
2006 Kevin Li

2005 Vanessa Ouellette
2004 Barbara Haworth
2003 Anita Ely
2002 Jennifer Flaten
2001 Wilbert Dy & Keith Orlaw
2000 Jessie-Lynn Warren
1999 Danielle Audet

1998 Nana Osei
1997 Roopy Khatkar
1996 Nigel McNabb
1995 Mark Ritson
1994 Robert Mellet
1993 Rene Velve

1992 Diane Webb
1991 Cindy Krins
1990 Ted Mahler
1989 Karen Cummings
1988 Ann Thomas
1987 Chris Laughlin
1986 Glenn Gardner


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