Dr. John Blatherwick
Entrance Award


Jay Yee-Soon Lam

Carol Leung

This endowment was established in 2007 with funds raised by friends and colleagues of Dr. John Blatherwick (and matched by the British Columbia Institute of Technology) in honour of his retirement in 2007 as Chief Medical Officer for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Dr. Blatherwick has been an inspirational and important leader in the development of public health in British Columbia and a long-standing supporter of Public Health Inspectors and the Environmental Health program at BCIT. The annual income earned from his fund each year provides an entrance award to a student entering BCIT's Environmental Health, Public Health Inspection program.



2013 Carol Leung
2012 Alicia Parayno
2011 Jay Yee-Soon Lam

2010 Julia Yamaoka

2009 Stacey Sowa

2008 Kira Jang


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