Past Awards
Environmental Health Medallion
and $200



The award was presented to a student who has completed Term 6 of the environmental Health Program at BCIT, and who displays good communication and interpersonal skills, maturity, empathy and leadership ability. Students and faculty participate in the selection of the recipient.
The award was increased to $200 in 1992.



1994 Lance Honish
1993 Gerrit Brouwer
1992 Darrryll Joyhnson

1991 Greg Marsh
1990 Dan Glover &
Blair Choquette
1989 Kevis Seaford

1988 Ken Rapinchuk
1987 Parsy Tymiak &
Clarence Garay
1986 Shawn Mitton

1985 Arne Faremo
1984 Darlene Meeds
1983 Ilse Zanstra



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