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EHR Award



The Award is presented to a member, non-member, individual or organization for excellence in presenting an environmental health issue or topic to the public. This may include leadership in effective utilization of communication to bring an issue of environmental health or public health significance to public attention and consideration, published works dealing with an issue of public health or public health significance, or innovative use of communication tools to enhance the association or the field of environmental health.



2010 Environmental Health Protection,
BC Ministry of Healthy Living & Sport, Victoria, BC
for the development of the "Caring About Food Safety" initiative
2007 Dr. John Blatherwick, Chief MHO, VCHA
2000 Tim Roark and Charlie Young
for "Septic System Maintenance Pure and Simple" and ""
1992 Environmental Health Protection Services,
B.C. Ministry of Health, Victoria,
for theFOODSAFE and FOODSAFE Excellence programs.


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