National Awards
CIPHI Honourary Members



The Award is presented to a person who is not eligible for regular membership in the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors, for outstanding support, contribution or service to the association or Public Health Inspectors in Canada in general.



2010 Christine Chociolko
2009 George Bryce
2007 Dr. Perry Kendall
2006 Joan Reiter

2002 Errol Borsky
2000 Dr. Courtland Mackenzie*
1988 Dr. John Blatherwick

1971 Dr. J. A. (Jim) Taylor *
1964 Reg Bowering *
1954 J. F. C. B. Vance *

1949 J. C. Oliver *
1940 D. H. Williams *
1937 E. J. Bishop *


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