Sam Parrish & Gladys Cranke
Memorial Achievement Award


Tracie Cheung

Tracie Cheung

An endowment was established in 1996 by Lorraine Woolsey, Program Head, Environmental Health, and her husband Jim with matching funds from the Government of British Columbia. The fund honours the memory of Sam and Gladys, their neighbours and lifelong family friends. The annual income earned on their fund each year provides a graduating achievement award for students in Environmental Health and other health programs.



2011 Tracie Cheung
2010 Jeremy Chow
2009 Darrell Belanger

2008 Gethsemane Luttrell
2007 Kimberley McLennan

2006 Jacqueline Bratt
2004 Isher Deol

2003 Jeffery Lowry
2002 Joanne Edwards


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