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White Spot Award



The award was granted to a student gaining the title of "Most Promising Public Health Inspector". The criteria established by White Spot Limited for determining the award winner were based on the Candidates' examination marks with emphasis on food and quality control, the mark given to a report on Food Processing, financial need and lastly, the candidate who showed most promise as a field inspector.



1987 Max Johnson
1986 Shelley McCready
1985 Sheila Lyons

1984 Carol MacRae
1983 Not Awarded
1982 Edwina Datwin

1981 Not Awarded
1980 James Meaghre
1979 Lorraine Kwitkoski

1978 Lucy Beck
1977 Rik Bernard
1976 Liz Harman

1982 Deb Frei
1981 Jennifer Glasgow
1980 Max Baxter



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